The Great Wall Removal of 2004

Garry removes lounge chimneybreast

Debbie and Garry's house originally had a large front room and a large kitchen. These joined by a dividing wall which had a large chimney breast with a fireplace in each room.

In May 2004 they decided to take the fireplaces out and remove the chimney stack.

Once the stack was down and the kitchen fireplace out, Debbie decided she'd like to see what it was like with the complete wall removed.

See the full story in this Photo Album and here for a panning photo.

Garry wrote 07/06/2004 "The kitchen has made a large step forward this weekend with heaps of work being done on three major projects. The first being the removal of the last of the brick chimney from the lounge room. Family effort to get this down. The second was the rewiring of the lounge room with new power points, phone and computer cable outlets. The third was the installation of the new fire place in the lounge room. Did not get started on this till after lunch due to me being busy this morning pouring five barrow-loads of hand mixed cement into the hole in the floor were the chimney used to be. Thanks to the kids for giving me a hand to mix the cement, also to Deb for helping screen the cement off. The fire is not 100% finished but all the major work has been completed, about one hour hopefully will finish the roof section as all the piping is up to the roof. Will wait till next weekend and hopefully the weather will allow me to do the final bit."