The Edgewater Garden

With the purchase of the house, Kenn was somewhat alarmed to realise that this included a garden! However this only provided an opportunity for a new project so:

By April 2003 I had started work rearranging the garden. The worst original feature was the huge empty hole and dodgy trellis. In addition the tree obscured the view, filled the gutters with leaves and the roots were starting to damage the garden. So the tree went! I put a retaining wall across in front of the trellis, filled in the hole and added an extra Bougainvillaea that will help eventually cover the entire trellis.. Next I had a retaining wall built and filled in the hole. With a small retaining wall the lawn could be levelled off somewhat.


Click here to see what the hole looks now.

Now the area around the spa came in for attention. I really enjoy lounging in here with copious amount of alcohol after a hard day at work, but the spa surround was pretty barren, just sand and weeds. I've build walls between the spa sides and the pergola, back-filled and planted. With the addition of a couple of speakers in the pergola and citronella bamboo lamps (mossie deterrents!) the atmosphere is much improved. This picture is now a couple of years old. The spa currently looks like this.

In front of the living room was a fish pond. This never apparently held water reliably and who'd want that much water up against the house wall? So, I filled it in and, as it still retains rain water in the winter, planted it out with damp loving plants such as Cannas.

The under the bedroom window was front garden bed that originally had nothing much in it. As this bed is up the side of the bedroom wall, I decided to change it to something that would have a dry, open soil and also provide an interesting view. I decided to plant it out with a collection of Bromeliads:

Another major project was the plot side retaining wall, which took so long it became know as as the Great Wall of Edgewater.

The current major task is the total redevelopment of the front garden.

Some more 'before and after' photos are here...

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