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Birthday boy goes sky high

ON July 2 local resident Mel Crosby celebrated his 70th birthday.
And to honour the special occasion his daughter and son in law Debbie and Garry Clark, son Kenn Crosby and mother in law Stella Perron decided to give him a memorable birthday gift  a hot air balloon ride.
The flight was booked through the Windward Balloon Adventures in Northam and on a frosty Sunday morning earlier this month, Mr Crosby and his wife, Joan, took off in their balloon named Rainbow Warrior.
The baskets are big and comfortable and carry 16 people.
All the passenger are asked to participate in setting up the balloon and then at the end of the ride, packing it away.
The ride was a fantastic experience that both Mr and Mrs Crosby enjoyed. It was smooth and featured great views over the Avon Valley. After about an hour's ride in perfect weather, the pilot set the balloon down gently and precisely back onto its trailer and everyone climbed out and helped pack the balloon away.
They were then taken back into Northam where they had a lovely champagne breakfast at one of the local hotels.

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