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Mel's 70th Birthday Balloon Flight

26/4/2004 -
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Kenn moves into his first house in Western Australia


Kenn joins gets a job as a Service Engineer in Western Australia.


Kenn arrives to stay in W.A.

Kenn flew in on the 20th to be met by the whole family at Perth airport. This is one way trip with no return ticket (and Immigration STILL let him in!). The boat, n/b THOMAS COVENANT, was placed for sale at Nottingham Castle Marina. Meanwhile Kenn had registered an Australian Business Name before arrival and set about trading as Belletam Services producing web sites designed for fast loading and total browser compatibility.

Early customers include the British Marine Electronics Association and Narrogin Race Week.

One of the first tasks on arrival was the removal of the famous hair, the climate is just too hot, especially coming from the UK's minus 5 to W.A.'s 30+! So on arrival home on the Sunday, and whilst the first barby was cooking, Debbie waded in with the shears set to No.4.

1/12/2001 Mel tangles with a 'roo and mangles car.

Mel tangles with a 'roo and mangles car

Swerving to miss a destruction bent "boomer" Mel manages to sideswipe the bush with both sides of the car, Fortunately neither Mel or passenger Don were badly hurt and the 'roo seems to have vanished to strike again but the car is well damaged. The joys of country living!

Kenn arrives in Australia
4/12/1999 Kenn finally arrives in Australia with a residency visa, met at the airport by Joan & Mel, Debbie & Garry, Adam & Emma.
Kenn sat at his computer, first job on arrival was to get back onto the net!
Kenn sat at his computer, first job on arrival was to get back onto the net!

Kenn to Emigrate
13/10/1999 - Kenn has finally received an emigration visa and intends to move to Narrogin at the end of November

Rates up 2 per Cent in council Budget - By ALICIA MIRIKLIS

From a Narrogin newspaper

TOWN Council rates will rise by 2 per cent following the endorsement of the 1999/00 Budget at last week's council meeting.
New councillor Mel Crosby was the only councillor who voted against the Budget, passed seven votes to one.
'In my election campaign I said I would vote against any increase in rates this year. I couldn't let my supporters down,' Cr. Crosby said later.
Speaking for himself, Cr. Crosby said there was a lot of pressure on the council to increase the rates however he still personally believed it was possible to achieve a zero increase.
'While I was campaigning, the complaint I was getting was the high rate level and the amount people were paying in rates,' he said.
Cr. Crosby said he believed it was possible to achieve everything the council did last year with a zero rate increase because the council received a grant from the Government this year.
The general purpose financial assistance grant of $31,922 will be spent on all the services the Town of Narrogin provides.
Mr Tindale said this grant was given to the council because of the increase in the town!s population.
'We're a lot more reliant on grant applications that have been obtained, such as Bikewest, Black Spot funding, Westrail, Home and Community Care and the Lotteries Commission.'Mr Tindale said.
Mr Tindale said with an inflation rate of 1.5 per cent for the quarter ending March 1999. the 2 per cent rate increase would result in a real increase of only 0.5 per cent.
Narrogin Town Mayor Sally Higgins said the council would not get this type of grant every year and it would be well spent on road re-sealing and general maintenance programs.
In 1997, council rates increased by 6.8 per cent, 6 per cent in 1998 and now 2 per cent in 1999. Mrs Higgins described the Budget as very responsible and manageable with money being spent on essentials.
'It's simply to maintain and provide the services that we expect of the town. We are loathe to see an increase in rates but we can't afford to cut services any more than we do,' she said.
She described the council's allocation of money toward the footpath program and enhancement program of the town as particularly pleasing.
'The footpaths are a very big issue with the rate payers. Council is endeavouring to address their concerns,' she said.
She said the enhancement program would look at putting entry statements to the town.
'It all costs, you either let standards slip or you stand up for what you generally believe in and make the town as attractive as you can,' she said.
While Cr. Crosby accepted the rates had dropped compared with previous years, he said he still voted for a zero increase in this year's rates.
'I was hoping it will be a zero increase so the average over the past few years would reduce and bring us more in line with what would be the norm,' he said.
He said business people complained to him about the rates they had to pay on top of all their other costs.
'Business people are very generous to all the community groups, there's only so much money going around and you can't have everything,' he said.
'While we need rates to provide the community facilities we've got to bear in mind what people are paying in addition to that, it's still coming out of their pockets.'

13/07/1999 Emma Crosby-Clark born

Debbie & Emma

Emma was born at 08:02 on 13th July 1999 in Narrogin Hospital. She weighted 6lbs 3oz at birth.

02/05/1999 Mel Crosby elected as councillor

Mel is now councillor Crosby,,,,,,,,it was a very close run thing with him coming 4th out of 5, he got 491 votes, the next lowest 488 and the next 487 this one being a councillor of 11 years who therefore lost his seat. The highest score was 581, the next 557, next 512, then Mel. It was nail biting stuff watching the count, you could hear them calling out the names off the voting forms and you were trying to gauge how many times the Crosby name came up. The youngest candidate Troy Mahony who was the wild card and everyone thought had not done any canvassing at all and had seemed to be the outsider scored the 512 and so amazed us all.